cashmere care guide

We all love the luxury of cashmere but realise that to maintain its sumptuous qualities it needs care and attention. Let us share with you our pearls of wisdom as to how to keep your Cove knitwear looking like the day you bought it.


Lay your item flat and gently run a cashmere care comb over it to remove any pilling. Pilling is an inherent characteristic of cashmere; a natural process of loose fibres tangling together when rubbed during wear. We recommend you do this after a few wears to remove any initial bobbling and you will find that by removing the pilling in this way, your knit will actually soften further.


All our 100% cashmere and 30% cashmere 70% wool items are DRY CLEAN ONLY. This avoids the colours bleeding into one another and also helps maintain the soft, luxurious quality of your knit.

Our cashmere blend collection (95% cotton and 5% cashmere) are machine washable. Wash these at 30 degrees, reshape while damp and lay out flat to dry. Do not hang or this will distort the shape and fit. Cool iron to remove any creases.


Cashmere must be clean and dry when stored. Ideally with cedar balls to keep your knit beautifully fresh and deter moths. We recommend you fold knitwear rather than hanging to keep the garments shape.