about us

With a shared love of practical style and the desire to inject some fun into the everyday, Jacqueline and Sarah set up Cove in 2011 to design the pieces they wanted to wear but couldn’t find.  From the start, classic shapes and simplicity of design were key to the brand and this, combined with colour popping details, soon became their signature style. 

2019 is marking a new chapter for the label.  Sam, a stylish tech-wizard with a keen eye not only for detail and design purity but also for figures, is joining the team and Sarah is stepping away to pursue other business interests. 

Each collection centres around taking the traditional and adding an original twist; be it with a neon trim, an exaggerated silhouette or an eye-catching motif.   Each piece is designed with equal measures of practicality and frivolity and with a generous sprinkling of love.