The sales are somewhat of a double-edged sword in my opinion.  You fall in love with something earlier in the season that you can’t quite justify buying so you wait with baited breath for the sale.  The sale starts and with your fingers firmly crossed you visit the store to find that one thing you had set your heart on only to find that it isn’t in the sale or worse still it is but not in your size.  So to soften the blow you buy something else.  You don’t really want it or even need it but it is a bargain and you might, just might, wear it one day.

Saying that, some of my best purchases have been in the sales.  If you have the time and the energy to work your way through the rails you can come away with some real gems.  Okay you don’t ‘need’ them exactly, but given the lower price tag it has afforded you a more impulsive and, sometimes, frivolous choice.  These impulse buys have often been the best memory makers.  It’s almost as though the thrill of buying something on a whim somehow filters through to your mood when wearing it!

The sales are also a good time for investment buys and wardrobe basics.  It really is worth taking advantage of the lower price tag on the more expensive key pieces like coats and cashmere as well as the must have basics that every girl needs but doesn’t actually want to buy!


  white long vest  

In short, as much as the jumble sale style rails may put you off, sharpen your elbows, go in with a plan and stick to it.  Or accept that your inner spontaneous self may have the louder voice.