It's so easy to fall in to the trap of dressing as if every day is the weekend; living in loungewear and wondering whether it is too early to open a bottle of wine.  And that is fine, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. However, there is definitely some truth in how your outfit determines your mood and when the days can so easily blur in to one another we feel it is important to mark a difference between them. At least then we know when it actually is the weekend!

Whether you are working from home, taking on the role of teacher or staying in and staying safe, there is no reason not to stay stylish.  Our solution? A selection of off-duty staples, easy separates and colour coded layers.  Pick pieces to make you feel good - a little bit of positivity goes a long way starting with your wardrobe.  Wear something to suit the role you are 'playing' - news reader style dressing of smart tops and casual bottoms or all out easy chic.  Experiment - now is the time to try THAT top with THOSE bottoms and see what sartorial magic you can conjure up.

Effortless dressing has always been at the heart of our designs so it is no surprise that our classic easy-to-wear styles come in to their own during these unprecedented times.  Working from home is a new phenomenon for many of us and setting the boundaries between work and home can be difficult; not least when juggling so many other factors (homeschooling, full-time chef and children's entertainer to name a few).  So we wanted to share our top tips as we all navigate life in lockdown.


Sam | Director
It’s all about discipline and balance.  Lots of coffee. And a little bit of wine.  
Discipline to tick off the tasks whilst balancing work pressures with home life.  
I find dressing for work helps my mindset and always tidy away my laptop to mark the end of the working day.
And colour.  I love brightening my day with a bold splash of neon and wearing clothes to make me smile.

Jax | Director
Staying connected with family, friends and colleagues.  
What's more the joy of a video call is you can keep your dressing simple with a statement top and relaxed bottoms.  
My Cove Capsule is serving me well!  With a myriad of shades from neutrals to neons, there is always something to suit my mood. And the weather. 


Philly | Marketing & Content
 body. Healthy mind.  
Exercise and fresh air is key to a healthy mindset. 
The Run5, Donate5 and Nominate5 has been a good incentive for Team Cove to don our trainers and pound the pavements. It helps to add a little perspective when you consider what the amazing NHS are doing for us all.
I am loving experimenting with outfits, going bold with colour and wearing things I don't usually wear to work.  Or in public.

In short, easy knits, light weight crews and go-with-everything skirts are comfortable classics to wear now and forever.   



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