The week of Spirit of Christmas has arrived. It is a date that looms large in many a fashion retailers diary and is one we look forward to and dread in equal measure!

The marathon week begins on Saturday when our stock, fittings and merchandisers arrive at Olympia to transform a blank canvas into what is to be our home for the next 8 days.


The knitwear hangs expectantly, almost quivering in anticipation of Monday’s invasion. The calm before the storm…..


A rainbow of colours and shots of neon brights greet our shoppers who touch, try and twirl admiringly in their chosen styles. The 6x3m space is full of chat, laughter and compliments.
Stylish ladies, fashion savvy teens, yummy mummies and even the occasional brave man get carried away in the frenzy of pre-Christmas shopping….
But, who is the present for?!


This maelstrom of excitement continues throughout the week.  Customers old and new we thank you!


The fragmented rainbow on the jumbled rails pays testament to the success of the fair when, on Sunday afternoon, to the relief of our feet, the fair shuts its doors for another year. All is quiet again. Until the next time…..