Blue and all its hues (oh, I do love a rhyme!) is at the forefront of our minds at the moment.  Not least because of the glorious bluebells carpeting our woodland but also because of the exciting arrival of Baby Sussex, Archie.  Are Royal baby boys double blue?

We make no secret of the fact that blue is close to our hearts here at Cove.  Navy, denim, royal, powder, cornflower and cobalt to name but a few are a collection staple.  Blue is a chameleon of colours and with its various different shades there is a colour that suits all skin types, ages and colours.  The rich tones of navy are equally en vogue in the winter months as they are on a beach in the sunshine and bright cobalts add a zing to the darker winter days whilst complimenting your tan beautifully in the summer.  

Which blue are you?  Or are you also a chameleon whose tastes change dependent on season, outfit and mood?  I am, hence the fact there can never be too many blues to choose from.







Cornflower and Cobalt



When it comes to blue, there is most definitely a hue for you. 

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