Well what an amazing weekend.  Wall to wall sunshine and the hottest Easter Monday on record*.  Is it fair to say, out loud, Spring is finally here?  The sunglasses and bare ankles certainly say it is.  But then it is April and as we know this is synonymous with showers so it may be prudent not to get too carried away in wearing our floaty Spring dresses on rotation.  This aside, there is no denying that the evenings can still be a little chilly and when the temperature drops you want to have a cosy jumper to hand.  Even with bare legs, throwing on a warm jumper seems to do the trick once the sun goes down. That, and a large glass of something.

A new season equals a new wardrobe.  Right?  Wrong.  It is very easy to get caught up with all the new trends particularly with the rise and rise of social media and to believe that you 'need' something just because everyone else is wearing it.  Instead I believe that a few savvy buys will lift your wardrobe for the coming months and you can go #shoppinginyourwardrobe à la gorgeous Gaby Roslin As I get older, I feel much more satisfaction finding pieces that work both for me and with my wardrobe as well as being something I will love wearing for seasons to come.  Cashmere being top of my list as this can effortlessly interplay with different looks and seasonal updates.

Luxurious and lightweight, cashmere feels gorgeously soft against sun kissed skin making it the perfect go to for Spring and Summer.  Bursting with colour after the monochrome of winter, Spring blooms are the perfect inspiration for your wardrobe.  Whether you prefer soft pretty pastels or splashes of rainbow brights, Spring is the time to get creative with tonal or clashing palettes.  

Daffodil, primrose, lemon or sunshine yellow.  You name it, there will be a shade for you.  One of the 'hot' colours this season, yellow is top of my list and works beautifully with the pop of neon yellow in our Carmen and Philly jumpers.



Olivia von Halle Isla silk slip skirt £280; Me+Em double layer pleat skirt £139; 
Mint Velvet wide leg crop trousers £79

Mint, aqua, jade or even 'jolly' green are also up there this Spring and there's just the hue for you.  Team our grey Carmen with Hush's Jolly Green dress and transform it in to slip skirt for perfect AM PM dressing.  Pick out the blue of the star of our Emily with pale wide leg denim for a fresh Spring vibe.



Hush Bay Maxi Summer Dress £65; Me+Em Cargo Wide-Leg Jean £159


Spring is the warm up act for Summer.  You can play around with bolder colour combinations and start unveiling your floaty numbers albeit under a warm jumper or jacket.  Once you've nailed the look it will then carry you through the Summer months with ease.  


*   Source : BBC News