It is very easy to compartmentalise our wardrobe particularly in the effort of saving space and to pack away our winter woolies with the promise of warmer times and vice versa.   Jumpers being a prime example of this.  Maybe it is a statement we make to convince ourselves that summer equals warmth.  Although how many times are we caught short when the weather doesn't quite conform to our childlike description of the seasons?  I, for one, never pack away my jumpers and definitely want them easily accessible throughout the year.  Maybe due to summers spent in Cornwall!  Of course, if you are holidaying somewhere you can guarantee endless summer days and gorgeously warm evenings then cashmere is not going to be top of your packing list.  Mistake number one.  Cashmere is the perfect travel companion.  Lightweight and luxuriously soft it is ideal to drape over sun kissed skin when the sun goes down and a must to cosy up in on chilly air conditioned planes.  It doesn't take up much space in your bag and by nature doesn't crease unless really tested!  


What's more, cashmere can come in many guises.  Cashmere tees, as a natural fibre, doesn't necessarily make it much hotter than cotton as it breaths with your skin.  There is no denying the weight and drape is, of course, different but this can add to the comfort and wearability of the pieces.  The different knits and style details can elevate the look from that of an everyday tee.  Playing with textures is key to stylish dressing and the juxtaposition of luxury cashmere with distressed denim shorts or floaty skirts can change the look completely to suit your surroundings.  A natural style chameleon!  


Our reversible ponchos and cotton cashmere jumpers and tees are also great options both in and between the two seasons.  Machine washable and versatile they can be bunged in a beach bag, stuffed in a suitcase or simply styled with jeans or shorts as the mood takes you.  


Yes, there are some clothes which, let's face it in the British wardrobe, can be packed away between seasons but cashmere is not one of them.  Admittedly you will wear it, inevitably or hopefully, less over the summer months but it should never be far from reach.

Lead image @nazerbullen