For us, International Women's Day is all about supporting and inspiring one another; not only in the world of business but in every day life.  There is no denying that women deserve equal recognition and gender parity but just a mere act of kindness to each other epitomises the message behind IWD.  

Instagram, whether you love it or hate it, has been a great platform to meet, connect and support other women in business.  Those squares are proof of the hugely talented women out there who have grafted, made sacrifices and overcome challenges to be where they are today.  The support of others being key to this in reassuring and inspiring others to continue on their chosen paths.  A game of numbers, indeed, but one that should be recognised for its positivity rather than for negative comparison. 

As a business run by women for women, IWD was the perfect excuse to throw open the warehouse doors and introduce our team of dynamic women who work behind the scenes to bring the brand to you.

With the growth of internet shopping it is easy for all of us to forget that actual people pick and wrap our orders; that each design is the product of countless hours poured over colour charts, drawings and samples and that each photo we see has been individually styled, shot and dare I admit, touched up before loading on to the site.  Then there's all the back of house admin that we would all rather ignore but is integral to the smooth running and success of a business.  Don't get me wrong, it is all done with love and pride but today is good reminder to us all to celebrate what we do rather than be British and let our strengths go unnoticed.

So, here we are.  Team Cove.

Jacqui | Creative Director

Sarah | Operations Director

Sam | Web design & Operations


Fliss | Trade Account Manager

Philly | Marketing & Content


"I can do things you cannot,

you can do things I cannot;

together we can do great things."

Mother Theresa











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