When you think of February, what comes to mind?  Love and romance? Grey days and freezing temperatures? Our answer probably speaks volumes; but let's not get in to that!

February is synonymous with Valentine’s Day.  A phenomenon that just keeps on growing.  The pressure to buy something ‘just right’ for your loved one can make the art of gifting a minefield for an old romantic. Judging the price (can the monetary value be translated in to the strength of my love?), the content (staying on the right side of ‘romantic’ that is not too cliché) and, of course, choosing something that they might actually like can make even the bravest run for the hills.

Our solution to this?  Put together a wish list of our lust worthy knits and share it. Clearly not a very subtle approach but effective nonetheless!

If pink and red be the colours of love, we have it covered.  From bright pillar box red, through rich morello cherry to soft baby pink there is something for every ‘Pink Lady’ or ‘Lady in Red’.  Or for those of you / us who err towards the denim and grey hues, fear not, we have a fab array of these too even with a hint of 'valentine' pink.


  Carmen £216                                         Philly £195                   


Polly £195                                                    Emily £216

When we think of love, we always think of others rather than ourselves and our ‘self’ falls to the bottom of what seems a never-ending list.  It is just as important and healthy for us to love ourselves, including our bodies.   We all come in our own unique shaped package and we should celebrate this in our choice of clothes.  We must learn to dress to love our shape and to find pieces that flatter our very own figure.  Here at Cove we strongly believe our collection, including our one size designs (Eva, Fliss and Flora), celebrates and embraces our differences; offering a variety of designs to suit us all.  


                        Fliss £129                           


Eva £165

Maybe we should just cut out the ‘middle man’ and buy our own Valentine present…..