As mothers of teenage daughters and founders of a female led business this week is significant on many levels.  As the children head back to school after what feels like endless weeks of home schooling the challenges ahead are maybe even more in focus.

Starting out on a career path can be difficult at the best of times not least during a global pandemic or over the coming months and years as the knock on effects continue to unfurl.  

To this end, we want to add our voice to the #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign pioneered by The Prince's Trust with the aim of raising £10 million over the next five years and changing the lives of over 6,500 young women. The Trust's programmes empower young women with practical skills and emotional resilience to help them to create their own positive futures. 

Changing just one life, benefits many.  As is evident through the 'halo' effect that radiates out to family, friends and local communities thus deepening the impact these changes make. 

We are delighted to be donating 10% of all sales taken this week from today, International Women's Day, through to Mothering Sunday, to this important and inspiring campaign. And thank you in advance for your contribution to our donation.


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