Although none of us Brits ever feel completely confident when packing away our winter wardrobe, I, for one, have kept a few staples ‘accessible’; May bank holiday and Spring half term always marks a turning point for me from which there is no return.

We all have our own rules we stick to: it is not ok to turn the heating back on after 1st April but it is to crowd with chattering teeth around the fire pit; tights are most definitely banned although socks and sandals are de rigeur. Apparently.

One thing it is fair to say, is that the weather will most definitely be changeable over the summer months.  This is part of what we love about the British summer and makes us what we are, as well as giving us something to talk about!

Our bright neon knits are guaranteed to sprinkle a little happiness into your day, sunny or otherwise, as well as some fun into your wardrobe.  From ‘nautical’ stripes to nature inspired motifs and from gelato pastels to clashing brights, our latest collection cannot fail to put a smile on your face; even if the forecast doesn’t.

   Poppy - £189  


The trusty tee is always a good option when you don’t believe (like!) the forecast. You can then either wear it on its own or under a jumper, denim jacket or, god forbid, a raincoat ensuring you are covered for all eventualities.

Our two new fab designs are the perfect for the summer months.  A simple white fitted tee with a rainbow star and a linen tank with a silver lightening bolt outline on the back are simple and understated for playful every day chic.


Feature image: @juliamatyjasek