Although Christmas is now under a month away it is fair to say that the festivities started a long time ago here at Cove HQ.  Winter is, as you can imagine, our key selling time so we love to get out and about and meet our customers face to face.  As an online business we really enjoy stepping out from behind the screen and actually meeting you.  Nothing quite like a bit of chatting in person over the anonymous inbox. 

12 fairs, 1.5k miles and 118 hours of Christmas music later and finally the rollercoaster has stopped.   When on the circuit you see many familiar faces and appreciate the solidarity of the small independent brands who use these opportunities to showcase their brand, reach out to new customers and to build a community amongst ourselves.  We are all on the same journey with the same hopes and dreams as well as the same pitfalls. 

The pinnacle of the fair calendar is most definitely Spirit of Christmas. Countless months of planning go in to this event alone.  From the design of the stand, calculating the stock levels to the logistics of transporting everything, and us, to our 'new home' for the week.  Don't be mistaken we do love it - perhaps more in hindsight - and embrace being part of this shopping mecca.  Showing our brand to those who make their annual pilgrimage to Olympia with their wheelie bags in tow; something I initially thought was unnecessary and rather optimistic but now realise is in fact obligatory! 

Cove Spirit Christmas Fair Christmas Shopping Gifts EventCove Artwork Eva Logo Display

I, for one, have really enjoyed discovering new brands with their cleverly curated collections and designs and feel a sense of pride that I will be wrapping up a little piece of uniqueness under the tree this Christmas.  

So now the dust has settled and the fair season has come to an end, I look back with a warm fuzzy feeling and almost look forward to getting back on the carousel in nine months time.  Almost.


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