as styled by ...

The ever glamorous Hayley Karseras @ladyofthemanor77 styling our fabulous Cecilia cashmere jumper
The gorgeous Georgina from @theofficialgeorgelife looking amazing in our Chloe cardigan
chloe cardigan
Yummy mummy Rosalind Weinberg @rosalind.weinberg styling our Cecilia cashmere jumper
The stunning Abi wearing our gorgeous Ella top paired with our Sadie pleated skirt
 The glamorous Hayley Karseras @ladyofthemanor77 wearing our luxurious Lily tee 
Lily lurex tee
Vicky McClure wearing our gorgeous Chloe cardigan whilst supporting
Chloe wool cashmere cardigan
Coral Manson @stripeycoral looking amazing in our shocking pink Philly jumper 
philly shocking pink cashmere jumper